Art is in the heart

Bob Freesen YMCA is holding a summer of day camps through August 15. Each of the 13 weeks has a different theme, from “Science Week” or “Sports Week,” to “Patriotic Week” or “Water Games Week.” Recently held was their “Arts & Crafts Week,” which featured learning cartooning, sewing, photography and painting. The Friday afternoon art project was led by one of the guest teachers throughout the week, Kyla Hurt. The project taught about the style and techniques of Jackson Pollock, an American abstract expressionism painter, who generally used drip, splatter and action techniques to create his artwork on large canvases. Pollock worked directly on the floor of his studio. To keep with the idea of action and using the movement of paintbrush to portray ones feelings on canvas, the campers listened to various types of music, allowing the music to move them in different ways, thereby creating his or her own personal piece of art representative of Pollock’s style. The campers each had a large poster boards laid on the grassy hills outside of the Y. They got a little messy, but they sure had fun. Call Judy at the Bob Freesen YMCA at 217-245-2141 for more information on the camps.

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