Baseball field renovation

Baseball field renovation

MacMurray College Athletics announced a new partnership between the college, the City of Jacksonville and the Pony Colt League of Jacksonville, that will give the MacMurray baseball program a dedicated baseball field to utilize in both the fall and the spring. The announcement was formalized at a special dinner at Hamilton’s on Sunday, April 28.

“Our new field will be located at the Pony Colt Baseball Field at Mauvaisterre Lake,” Justin Fuhler, director of athletics, said. “If you have never been there, it is a tremendous location.”

The historic field, which was constructed in 1971, has seen better days and it has become difficult for the Pony Colt organization to raise money for improvements.

“This partnership will give us several groups to raise the money to make the improvements and allow the teams to utilize the field during the year,” Fuhler said. “Our plan for the baseball field is to build one of the nicest baseball facilities in Central Illinois.”

The goals in MacMurray’s long-range plan include:

1. Build a state-of-the-art facility in Morgan County that will attract tournaments and other events to the area resulting in increased revenue for local businesses.

2. Provide Pony Colt organization with a baseball field that enables them to continue their longstanding tradition of nurturing future generations of baseball and softball players.

3. Provide MacMurray College with an alternative field to play and practice baseball that enable them to attract the most talented and brightest student-athletes.

4. Provide Jacksonville High School with a secondary field for their baseball team.

5. Provide the people of Morgan County with a place to play and practice baseball (other leagues will have the ability to reserve the field).

6. Create a place that will attract other events to the facility that will enable it to become self-sufficient as it relates to the continued maintenance and improvement of the facility.

For more information, contact Fuhler at 217-479-7142 or at

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