Beaux Cole: Going against pharmaceutical stereotypes

Beaux Cole: Going against pharmaceutical stereotypes

by Anna Ferraro

“I don’t really do this to make a lot of money, it’s more about whatever I can do for the community. I like to give back …” says Beaux Cole, manager of the Medicine Shoppe on Morton Avenue.

Graduating from pharmaceutical school in 2005, Cole has a decade of experience in the industry. After running the Medicine Shoppe in Springfield for five years, he expanded to managing the Jacksonville location in 2014.

His wife, Carrie Cole, left her work as an RN to join her husband in managing their two pharmacy locations. To them, Jacksonville is home. Together, they work to provide the very best services they can to patients in their community.

Their most recent project is working on their transitional care systems with Passavant. Cole shares, “There are lots of communication disconnects between hospitals and pharmacies.” Consequently, “patients are not getting what they need.”

Currently, Cole and his team are working to streamline their system of delivering prescriptions to patients in same-day surgery. Their goal is to help ease the patient’s return home by making sure that they have the right meds the physicians want them discharged on when they head home from the hospital. Implemented into the new system will be follow-up calls from the pharmacy to see how patients are doing with their meds.

Some of the challenges in streamlining a system like this include speeding up prior-authorizations, or in Cole’s words, “making sure we have all our bases covered.” This is especially tricky if there are multiple prescriptions involved.

They are also working on refining their bedside medication services. Cole says that they have been working on establishing better lines of communication with providers at the hospital. In the past, there were often just quick faxes back and forth between hospital and pharmacy. Cole shares, “Now we have names, contacts, people – it’s a lot better way of getting the patients taken care of.”

Looming on the horizon for the Medicine Shoppe is working closely with the opening of Passavant’s bariatric ward. Cole shares, “With those procedures, the way patients absorb nutrients changes. As a result, they need highly absorbable forms of vitamins and proteins to keep them healthy.” Having worked with bariatric wards in Springfield, Cole definitely has the experience to support Passavant’s addition of a full line of bariatric services.

In closing, it’s obvious to see that at his work, Cole shatters a few of the pharmaceutical stereotypes of being in the business for lucrative reasons. He shared, “I grew up in Jacksonville, I have young kids in school here, and thus, I have a vested interest in the community. Cole views owning the Medicine Shoppe as an opportunity for him to “give back.” Whether it’s supporting local charities or helping out schools, he shares, “we do what we can to keep things going strong.” At the end of the day, he says, “I enjoy the opportunity to take care of and support the community.”

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