C. D. and the Littles


Salem Lutheran School’s kindergarten class went on a field trip to Springfield. They go on several trips in a year’s time, according to Salem Lutheran School Principal and Early Childhood Director Lisa Aring. Aring added that this particular trip documented in the photographs was a trip that is taken every year. The class goes to the Illinois State Museum and a play at Sangamon Auditorium. This year the play was about the children’s book, “Pete the Cat.”  In addition, they go into the capital building and look at each floor. State Representative C.D. Davidsmeyer gave the tour this year. They went into the House of Representatives and he explained the buttons at each desk and how they vote, and also how they use the microphones (they actually got to speak into them). Representative Davidsmeyer let them know that Mrs. Henderson, who is their teacher, actually taught him, too, in 1st grade.

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