Community unites

Community unites

By Kyla Hurt & Blake Schnitker


The Reuter family is keeping up the long-standing tradition of upholding not only solid work ethic, but also their loyalty to the Scott County community, as their body shop is fully functional just a few days after the fire that destroyed the entire structure over the past weekend. “Our body shop now, as of just five minutes ago, is fully functional. We’re actually doing oil changes right now,” said Reuter on Wednesday, January 5, 2016.Paul Reuter_klh

They have relocated buildings and are waiting on insurance to give them clearance to clean up the mess. Paul Reuter, co-owner of Marshall Chevrolet said, “Marshall Chevrolet has been a major part of the Winchester Community since it was constructed 85 years ago. And we are dedicated to continuing to be here. We need them and they need us.”

Paul Reuter explains and stresses the importance of some information that he wants to get out by saying, “Most of our computers were backed up, but my computer was not, and it had all of the Mitchell estimates on it, which was all the body shop estimates. We have like fifteen jobs out there and we have no names for them, everything burned. What I need is, the people that know they have estimates here, to call us so we can call their insurance companies and get their estimates back. I can’t make them because I have no way to make them yet. But if they will call us, let us know who they’re insured by and just remind us who they are, we’ll get all their stuff here and we’ll get them quick because we’re running as we speak. That’s very important, all our phone numbers are the same.”

IMG_0336The response from the community has been overwhelming, according to Reuter. People are providing anything we ask for. We are reminding our employees that everything will be fine and all 29 employees will have a job very quickly.

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