COVID-19’s impact on the student body

By Kinley Wood

COVID-19 has definitely taken a toll on people worldwide with the mandatory quarantines, work cancellations, and even different types of businesses and corporations being shut down.

Around the beginning of March, this global pandemic may have seemed like every student’s dream come true, for the sake of school shutting down. However, it turned out to be their worse nightmare.

With the cancellation of school comes the cancellation of social gatherings, clubs, athletics, band and many more activities. As a result, students were left with what they knew as nothing. Everything they had was soon ripped from their hands due to the modern-day plague. This was a major hardship for students, being that these activities were the only things keeping most of them on their feet.

The pandemic had affected students in many ways other than just getting them sick. Motivation was lost, and teens grew tired of sitting at home. This conflicted with many students’ mental health. Having the activities you dream about and wish to pursue taken from you for months at a time is a hard obstacle.

These clubs and sports were the students’ ways of socializing and growing to become the person they dreamed of being. With them gone, there was no longer anything for them to achieve and no goals to set. That is truly a feeling no one should even have to consider.

Exercise was also taken away, which is a major factor for all students across the globe. Instead of being out and utilizing the skills they have been taught, teens would instead be stuck at home on the couch, or sleeping all day, every day. These multiple cancellations also disappointed many parents. They could no longer attend their children’s activities and watch them grow and prosper as individuals.

The COVID-19 pandemic will always be an event that the student body will never forget, whether that is for the worse or the better. As this generation grows, more opportunities will be present, and changes will be made. With the unified hope and faith that the countless communities have to give, everyone hopes we will all once again thrive.

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