Dancing with the stars

By Kyla Hurt

They went back to the ‘80s. Way back. The Pilot Club of Jacksonville presented the 7th annual Dancing with the Stars, with proceeds going to benefit the art and music departments of local elementary schools through the Jacksonville Public Schools Foundation. Illinois State Representative C.D. Davidsmeyer, Jenny Geirnaeirt and Brittany Henry were the panel of judges for the event, scoring and commenting upon each dance that evening. After a “Top Gun” themed performance by Jayden Ware and Alexa Warning (picture reference), Davidsmeyer warmheartedly joked with the pair, saying “This is going to be haunting you for the rest of your life.” The dancers took it back old school. It was a 1980s dances mix including “Dirty Dancing” duo Barbara Hobrock and Drew Comstock (picture ref), a Michael Jackson “Thriller” routine performed by Nikki Henry and Tyson Manker (picture ref), a totally rad troupe composed of Dawn Murphy, Jill Alexander, Erin Grimsley, Rachel Antle and Kristen Shepard (pic ref) and other gnarly dancing dudes and dudettes.

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Kyla Hurt is a capable boondoggler trained in the arts; she’s also an accomplished event coordinator with experience from museum fundraising to art festivals. She enjoys puppies, sunshine, and good radishes – and wit. Wit is good, too.

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