Danielle’s Dance Studio

Danielle’s Dance Studio

Danielle’s Dance Studio has relocated to the newly renovated Diamond Plaza located at 803 S. Diamond in Jacksonville.  This is Danielle’s 2nd year of business, as she originally opened in the Jefferson Center.  The studio offers basic tumbling skills for 4-5 year olds and ballet, jazz and tumbling for 6-10 year olds. Each class is 30 minutes long. Danielle is also providing an opportunity for adults in the studio, offering ballet and jazz classes twice a month for 45 minutes each session as well as Zumba that provides a great workout for everyone with a twist of fun.

Danielle Trumbo is the instructor for all classes and she has an extensive background in teaching and dancing.  Danielle has a passion for dance and her eyes light up when she explains her vision for her dance studio and talking about the positive impact she has on her students.  The competition of dance instructing is secondary at Danielle’s.  Her greatest efforts are focused on providing a place for every child to excel.  Danielle’s classes are small and personal, a great place for those of us that are a bit shy, awkward or just like a more intimate atmosphere.  Danielle is also available for private dance instruction for those that are planning on being in talent shows and pageants this upcoming spring and summer.

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