Down-Syndrome Awareness

Down-Syndrome Awareness

“Gabbi Mae English is the four-year-old daughter of Michael and Lindsay English. Her brother is Gage. Gabbi attends the Pre-k Early Years program and goes full days. She loves riding the bus to and from school each day. Gabbi takes tumbling and tap at Llaina’s Dance & Gym and is always excited to show us her dance routines and new skills with her most recent one being the splits! She enjoys playing outside, singing, dancing, coloring and taking care of her babies. She loves being a big helper at daycare with the ‘littles’ too! Gabbi is very energetic, active and is a happy girl. Her smile is contagious, and her independence and determination has developed so much in the last year. We are so proud of who she is and all that she’s accomplished.”


“Tyler Andrews is the 11-year-old son of Freddie Andrews and Amy Gregory of Winchester. He has an older sister Ashley (Jake) who he loves to see and spend time with! Tyler is a sixth-grader at Winchester Elementary School. Tyler loves school and has adjusted well with all of the changes/craziness this year. He has matured and grown so much in the last year. We are so incredibly proud of him! He loves to play outside, basketball is his favorite. He also loves to go on wrecker calls and ride in the fire truck and tractor with daddy! He also loves to mow and wave at everyone as they go by! Tyler’s smile and big heart always brightens your day!! We are truly blessed and thankful to call him ours!! 💙💛💙💛”

“Hylan Degroot is the son of Jared Degroot and Tacy Mayner and is seven years old! He loves animals and playing outside. He also loves going to school and playing with his friends!” 

“Ezra Branch is the three-year-old son of Mikka graham and Chris branch. He is constantly watching his favorite movie Sing, he enjoys playing with all of his cousins. His favorite thing to do is take late-night scooter rides with his grandpa and he loves learning at pre-school. Ezra has a huge personality and can charm an entire room with his smile, he loves to ‘fist bump’ strangers and give random hugs. We couldn’t be more blessed as parents to celebrate this special month of awareness.”

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