Harvest Farms

Harvest Farms

Armstrong Family Farm

Ryder and Evan Armstrong

The Armstrong Family Farm was established in the 1900s by John and Laura Armstrong. Multiple generations later have found the farm operated by Evan and his family, alongside Betsy Hutchison and her family. Corn, soybeans, cattle and hogs have been raised on this land. The Armstrong family is thankful for their hired men. Without them they could not carry on the day-to-day tasks of operating a farm.

Also pictured, farm help Matt Ankrom. Photos by Karen Anderson

Becker Farms

Carl, Tim, Marc and Justin Becker

In 1892, the Becker family began farming by purchasing their first farm ground called the Homeplace on Rt. 123. Becker Farms currently has three generations working closely together on the farm.

Photos by Karen Anderson

Cully Farm

Gary, Adam & Aaron Cully

Cully Farm began in 1946 with Gary Cully. The farm is currently run by Cully and his two sons, Adam and Aaron Cully. Both Adam and Aaron have sons that will hopefully join in the family business one day.

Photos by Karen Anderson

Hadden Farms

Bob and Carolyn Hadden

The Hadden family moved onto the first property in the late 1800s. They moved to their current farmstead in 1929. This is the 5th generation to work on the diverse grain and livestock family farm.

Photos by Gary Hadden

Headen Farms

Don and Jason Headen

The Headen family has been farming now for over 150 years, 5 generations working the fields. Don Headen has personally farmed for 50 years, and Jason over 25. The Headens feel extremely fortunate to have family members helping them farm as well as a full-time employee and a couple of seasonal employees.

Photos by Karen Anderson

Jackson Farms

Albert, Mark, Annie Jackson

The Jackson family bought their first farm ground right after the depression without a dollar to give but just with a simple handshake. Later, the farm was paid for with a check from the U.S. Army for time served. Today, the farm is operated by the 4th generation of the Jackson farmers.

Photos by Karen Anderson

McQueen Farms

David, Robyn, and Austin McQueen

The McQueens have been on the current farmstead since 1944. This is the 4th generation to work on the corn and soybean farm.

Also pictured, farm help, David Wynn. Photos by Karen Anderson

Pate Farm

Rudy and Hannah Pate

Since 1940, three generations have worked this farmland near Murrayville. Rudy Pate and wife, Hannah, now run the grain and livestock farm along with Harry and Vicky Pate. Pate Farm produces corn, soybeans, wheat, hay and beef cattle.

Photos by Karen Anderson

Potter Family Farm

John, Adam, and AJ Potter

The Potter family has been farming since the late 1800s, originally around Lynnville. Near the end of World War II, Adam’s great-grandfather purchased the land on the west side of Morgan County. AJ Potter is the 6th generation to farm the land.

Photos by Karen Anderson

Schone Brothers Farm

Howard, Kyle and Chad Schone and Joan Schone-Themig

The Schone family purchased their first farm in 1853 from the government. Brad and his father, Howard, farmed the land until Brad passed away in 2009. Brad’s wife, Joan, left her nursing career to run the farm until her and Brad’s oldest son, Kyle, finished school. Howard, Joan, Kyle and Chad (Brad and Joan’s younger son) now farm together, both livestock and grain.

Photos by Karen Anderson

Thompson Family Farm

Norman (Bud) and Bruce Thompson

Bruce Thompson and his wife raised their family on the farm where his grandfather lived. These photos of him and his father were taken where his great-grandfather lived. Their son, Jacob, is the 6th generation to work the Thompson Family Farm.

Photos by Karen Anderson

Waggener Brothers Farm

Blake Waggener, Garrett Waggener and Spencer Waggener

The Waggener Brothers Farm lineage has been siblings Harold and David Waggener, followed by David’s sons, Lynn and Tim Waggener. Since Lynn’s death in 2005, Tim farms the land along with Lynn’s sons, Blake, Garrett and Spencer. The homestead property now serves as an operating office and pastures for cattle; it also holds machine sheds and two residences.

Also pictured, farm help Brian Bergman. Photos by Karen Anderson.

Wilson Family Farm

Don and Irene Wilson

The Wilson Family Farm was established in the 1800s, and moved to the present homestead in 1912. The land is currently worked by family that includes 5th generation farmers. Don and Irene Wilson have been married 60 years. While they both still enjoy being part of the farm, their oldest son, Jim, oversees the management of the Wilson Family Farm.

Photos by Marcy Patterson

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