Jubilee Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville, IL will be dedicating its newest home in Jacksonville.

The public is invited to attend the ceremony, which begins at 10a.m. Saturday, October 21st, at 695 Freedman Street, Jacksonville, IL. This lot is on the corner of Freedman St. and N. Diamond St.

This will be the 23rd Habitat home to be built in Jacksonville.

This newest Habitat home has been sold to Bonnie Jean Rivers of Jacksonville, IL.

Area residents have donated time and manpower to help build this home over the spring, summer and fall.

Jubilee Habitat for Humanity serves local residents who are in need of safe and affordable housing but are unable to qualify for a traditional bank loan. 

Habitat raises the money needed to build the homes, and then provides zero percent interest loans to qualified applicants with low monthly payments spread out over 20 to 30 year terms. 

The homes are primarily built by volunteers, along with the future homeowners, in order to keep the purchase cost affordable.

To inquire about volunteering, make a donation, apply for housing assistance, or get more information about Jubilee Habitat for Humanity visit jubileehabitat.com.  

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