Little Black Dress Event – Friday, October 7, 2016

  • Cancer survivor Jamie Freitag Ledger spoke about Passavant giving employees a free mammogram for their birthday and she went in for that mammogram having no idea that she had cancer. She spoke of her experience, the choices given to her by doctors and her reasoning for choosing her treatment. She said she chose the most aggressive treatment, noting that she currently has one more surgery left. All through the process, she would see people from the imaging department who would ask how she was doing or be there for a talk.
  • Rebecca Bailey-McClellan was the first of the Passavant Area Hospital imaging department to talk to the group. She has been through a lot of different responses. She has been yelled at for the diagnosis and hugged for the diagnosis - and both are okay. She went on to say that she and the imaging department are there to reassure women that there are lots of options and lots of hope.
  • Amanda Vortman, from Passavant Area Hospital, spoke about Passavant Area Hospital truly being a place where friends care for friends.  She introduced the night’s main speaker, cancer survivor Jamie Freitag Ledger, another Passavant Area Hospital employee.
  • Nikki Henry speaks at the Little Black Dress event about the purpose of the event, to raise awareness, support and educate women on breast cancer. The event is hosted by Girls on Fire and all proceeds got to the Mia Ware Foundation. Once again the event took place at Illinois College’s Barnes House, home of President Dr. Barbara Farley.
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