Little Mexico

Little Mexico

By ZoeWood

Last week, I spent a day out of the office to take a “little” trip to Mexico to celebrate Jacksonville’s own Little Mexico on their one-year anniversary of their authentic Mexican restaurant.

Located at 2001 W. Morton Avenue, Little Mexico opened one year ago February 8, 2016, and has been celebrating ever since. The owners, Hector Alvarado and Neri Hernandez, are a husband and wife duo that opened the restaurant in order to bring a new taste of Mexico to our town. Alvarado and Hernandez have three children, a daughter named Amber (12) and two sons named Hector (8) and Hugo (18 months), and have recently made the move from Beardstown to Jacksonville, where they now enjoy being fully immersed in the Jacksonville community and we enjoy the impact they have made past, present and future.

Little Mexico is different from a lot of Mexican restaurants in the communities around us due to the fact that everything prepared and served to their customers is all handmade in the restaurant. From tortillas to the salsa, Little Mexico makes everything by hand, and when possible, buys locally to benefit our town of Jacksonville and the local growers around us. Their menu includes various homemade items ranging from a traditional taco to an extravagant enchilada, all served to perfection to give you a little taste of real Mexican food. To choose a favorite dish for lunch, Hernandez says that she likes the tacos, Mexican style. The restaurant recently added a frozen sangria margarita to their drink menu and Hernandez adds that their menu will later be offering Mexican meatballs as an authentic food item.

Both Hernandez and Alvarado have a history in the food business that has greatly benefited their ability to operate and run a successful restaurant here in Jacksonville. Alvarado has been a server and a restaurant manager in past years and Hernandez used to operate and serve on a food truck in Beardstown. Owning a restaurant is something neither one have done before, but Little Mexico is proof that one’s passion and motivation can bring about a successful reality.

With all of the recent hype over the new restaurant, the Alvarado family has been working hard to expand upon their first restaurant. Since opening day last February, Little Mexico has been renovated and made up to date to bring about customer satisfaction and a better atmosphere for family dining. The newest addition to the restaurant is a fully stocked bar room that was added on a couple of months ago, near October 2016. Another new and exciting addition for the family, employees, and Mexican food lovers is the opening of another Little Mexico by the Alvarado family in Alton, Illinois. The positive reactions and success of Alvarado and Hernandez’s first restaurant has led them to expand upon their business and take their fresh food to a new location, 102 W. Ninth Street to be exact. “I think it will have more people coming for the casinos … a lot of visitors,” said Hernandez of why the couple chose Alton. The new location in Alton opened its doors February 14 and welcomes the Alton community to their own Little Mexico.

We wish the best of luck to our local restaurant owners Alvarado and Hernandez on their new adventure in Alton and their continued success in the Jacksonville community. Help them celebrate by enjoying daily margarita and food specials and relaxing in Jacksonville’s own Little Mexico!

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