Lori’s Bees

Mike and Lori Oldenettel recently had a few thousand uninvited their home. 

We had the type of guests no one wants in their home … Bees! However, finding someone to “evict” them (as my husband the REALTOR said) turned out to be more difficult than we anticipated.

First, you have to determine if the bees you have are actually “honey bees” and then you have to find someone willing to not only collect the bees, but to extract the bees. We reached out to several beekeepers who indicated they could help remove a swarm from a tree but extracting bees from your home required a professional with both beekeeping experience and carpentry skills. Luckily, a local beekeeper suggested Trever Faulkner from Pleasant Plains.

Faulkner is very knowledgeable about bees. He handled the bees without wearing any protective equipment and was not stung a single time. He was kind and respectful to the bees and the bees returned the favor. Faulkner was at our house for about four hours and carefully peeled back the soffit to expose the hive. He then gently removed each section of the hive and brought the hive down to eye level so he could explain to us what was happening in each part of the hive. He showed us how they moved through the comb, the eggs, the honey and then described each of the bees’ roles within the hive. 

We were so appreciative of his willingness to share his knowledge with us and our boys. We were able to watch the bees being removed and safely placed into a box while carefully being suctioned out through a hose. Faulkner estimated between 2,500-3,500 bees were extracted from our home. He said this was considered to be a small swarm and if the swarm had not been removed, it could have quickly multiplied over several weeks. Faulkner will rehome the bees at his home in Pleasant Plains. 

Since our family has been sheltering in place for the last 10 weeks this event not only provided a little home entertainment for the family but some interesting education as well.

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