Lorna Dempster’s “In a Moment”

By Blake Schnitker

On January 28 author Lorna Dempster, of Quincy, Ill., published the first edition of her book, “In a Moment: Short Tales from the Book of Doone” through CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. Since its publication, Dempster’s book of short stories has received positive reviews from several well-respected sites and is available at a number of online bookstores including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Dempster’s work is described in various online reviews as:

“…a collection of short stories defining the impact the power of a single moment has on everyday living. Enlightening, encouraging, exposing and engaging, the simple moments captured provide clarity, comfort, and new perspectives. They become the extraordinary. We become extraordinary. Pause. Breathe. Savor. Respond.”

Paperback copies of “In A Moment”, which contain approximately 112 pages, can be purchased for around $6-$7 plus shipping. For those who prefer e-books, electronic copies of “In A Moment” can also be found online.

Dempster is the guardian of her brother Billy, who’s attended Pathway Services in Jacksonville for a number of years and currently resides in one of the organization’s homes. A longtime supporter of Jacksonville’s Pathway Services chapter, Dempster continues to advocate for ways to improve and assist the thousands of individuals with disabilities.

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