Lost long rings

Lost long rings

By Judy Wright

Let’s go back to September 14, 2011, when my father (Jim Steele) passed away. If you have ever gone through this then you know you walk in a fog for a few weeks and a as woman, you change out your bright red purse and get out the black one for the next few days (at which time I held it over the trash can to get any excess out). The days pass and it comes time for the funeral and I am looking for my wedding rings and my right hand diamond my children gave to me. They were no where to be found. Thinking back, I remembered the trash can and the trash pick up that had taken place two days before. I felt as if I had lost another part of my life as they were not only the diamonds my husband of 30 years, Reuel Wright, gave me but also my Mom’s, Jane Steele’s, wedding rings.

We, as well as many great friends, looked everywhere with no luck. Some say time heals all wounds, but this wasn’t the case. There were times I would wake up in the middle of the night and get up to check just one more place. On Christmas of 2012 my husband surprised me with another beautiful set, but nothing was going to replace my original set.

The red purse still sat in my closet. I never used it again because it just had bad memories. Then I got a call from my best friend at the Nursery School telling me they are having a purse auction. So out comes the red purse to go to the auction. A group of friends (the Sunday’s) decided to fill it up with JHS Crimson Pride material. Once again it was checked out by many looking for the rings with no luck.

Jump forward to December 16, 2014, at around 9am. I get a call from my bestie, Jane Foster, from the Nursery School. Jane said “Wasn’t that a red purse that you donated for the Nursery School Auction a couple of years ago? Well your rings have been found.” I will admit I cried and was speechless. Jane explained that Nikki Iozia had purchased the purse and she found the rings Saturday. I was supposed to get the rings back the next day. However, my co workers at the Bob Freesen YMCA wouldn’t take tomorrow for an answer. They got ahold of Darren (Nikki’s husband), who so happens to be the master swim coach at the YMCA. He called his wife and gave me the best Christmas present I could ask for. My rings!!

What great people to return these rings to me. You have given back to me a part of my life that will be treasured for generations to come as they will be given to my children to be handed down to my grand children.

Darren and Nikki, I could give you a gift card, a bottle of the best wine, flowers once a month for a year, but that will all be gone and forgotten in a year. Instead I promise to pray for you everyday for the rest of my life. You see I am a praying person, so every morning I will ask the good Lord to bless you with as much happiness as you have given me and that He give you peace as you have given me. God bless you and may you have a blessed Christmas.

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