My Funny Valentine

Special to The Source

Valentine’s is coming…. time for sweet things, sweet words, and all things romantic and warm. But this Valentine’s day, we’re looking for more than chocolates and roses. We want stories. Specifically, your story.

Why? To give you a chance to remember, and to give others a chance to enjoy your romance as well, because all submissions will be printed in The Source.

Oh, and did we mention prizes? They’re grand and glorious. Winners will be treated to the Rotary Valentine dance on Friday, Feb. 10, a couples photo from Warmowski Photography, flowers form All Occasions, and gifts from both Precious Jewelers and Duncan and Hoots. One couple will be chosen (and spoiled!) from each of these categories: Great (0-10 years), Awesome (11-25 years), Wow (26-49 years), and (Amazing 50+ years).

Here’s what you need to do. Email, mail, or drop off your story to us. Please include the following:

1- Name of couple,

2- Number of years together,

3- 25 words about the couple,

4- Phone number to reach the couple

Story Contest Examples:

Vince & Victorio Valentino. 7 years together. Living on opposite sides of the country, they connected through a Facebook post. Decided that being Facebook friends wasn’t enough. Today, they’re best friends for life. (123) 456-7890.

Harry & Heather Hearts. 19 years together. Harry met Heather crawling for dropped keys under her car. Awkward start, but fabulous finish. Several months later, they were happily married. (123) 456-7890.

Larry & Linda Love. 36 years together. Through high school, they watched each other closely. After college, they reconnected at a local ball game, and realized that their mutual attraction had never died. (123) 456-7890.

Rich & Rita Romancio. 57 years together. Growing up on neighboring farms, Rich walked Rita to school every day until they were 18-years-old, at which point, they decided to walk together forever. (123) 456-7890.

All submissions must be received by February 4, 2017.

Email your story to or mail or drop it off to The Source at 602 East State street, Jacksonville, IL 62650. For any questions, call 217-243-3857.

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