Our Town books

By Kyla Hurt

Our Town Books, located at 64 East Central Park Plaza, will be changing hands. Jim and Sally Nurss, current owners, will retain ownership of Our Town Books until Monday, June 1, after which Andy and Jennifer Mitchell will officially take over ownership.

May, 2011, Jim and Sally Nurss opened the bookstore in the historic building where it is located. The Nursses joked that it was all something out of a movie, with Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney saying to each other, “Let’s open a bookstore…” The Nursses took on Andy Mitchell as a worker “a week or two after we opened,” said Sally. “It took us about 10 seconds to realize he’s great,” she added.

About the decision to retire, Jim Nurss laughed, “We’re going to try retiring again…see if we can get it right this time.” Sally Nurss may or may not have been pulling my leg when she foretold of her retirement days as days of “eating bon-bons and reading novels.” Either way, best of luck to all.

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