Recognition deserved

Recognition deserved

By Kyla Hurt

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During a pleasant evening on Monday, October 10, at the Morgan County Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 1379, several events took place. The annual Chub Hillyard Memorial Wiener Roast was in progress, the monthly birthday party (with accompanying karaoke) was revving up and Connie Wilson, president of the auxiliary, was honored and recognized with a plaque and appreciation for her time and commitments given to the group, which spanned from 1933-2016. “That’s an awful lot of years to serve the post. Dick (Snodgrass, Quartermaster) and I were talking … it’s quite something for a woman to have served that many years,” commended VFW Post 1379 Commander Tom Wilson. That evening, Connie Wilson was presented with two variations of a plaque, one that she could personally possess and one that would be displayed on the walls at the post.

Speaking with Wilson, she noted that the VFW Auxiliary was instituted in 1933; she has been a member for 55 years and president for 22. It now ends in 2016. The VFW Post 1379 Auxiliary will be no more. According to Wilson, they “couldn’t keep enough members to come to meetings.”

Connie Wilson stands proudly with the plaque awarded to her for years of service.

Connie Wilson stands proudly with the plaque awarded to her for years of service.

With the problems of getting and keeping enough members active, they were asked to turn in their charter.

“I’ve enjoyed every bit of it,” Wilson said fondly, adding that she’s chaired anything from burgoos to Easter egg hunts and “I’ve hired and fired.” Wilson says she was one of five involved in bringing together nearly $35,000 in 10 months back when she was part of raising the Korean Memorial at Community Park. She continued to say that she was involved in honoring the last 12 WWI Veterans in this vicinity.

It would seem that Connie Wilson has been a valuable part of the VFW Post 1379 Auxiliary. She pushed for it to succeed and has tried to fulfill its original objectives, noted on the home page of as, “supporting the Veterans of Foreign Wars, serving veterans, active-duty military and their families, and spreading patriotism nationwide.” Wilson says she simply “plowed right through it,” adding about those who might have been against any efforts, “If you’re against it, get the hell out of the meeting.” Still, Connie Wilson has “enjoyed every bit of it.” Congratulations on your recognition and thank you for your committed service to our local Veterans.


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