Routt Class of 1966

Routt Class of 1966

Mary (Farmer) English, Barb (Curtis) Novak, Sherri Olsen, George Eck, Gail (Standley) Eck, Jane (Watts) English, Nancy (Knepler) Brodie and Mary Beth (Schindler) Stevenson.

Rick English, Linda (Shanahan) McGinnis, Dan Walker, Theresa (Sheehan) Lonergan, Barbara Blesse, Patty (Leetham) Fitzpatrick, Lynn (Olsen) Wessling, Don Schmidt, Mike Fitzpatrick, Don Beeley, Carmen (Quinlan) Vercoglio, Judy (Symes) Hagerman, Jim Hepworth, Mike Drake, Jim Proffitt, Tom Murgatroyd, Lynn (Paisley) Raynolds, Rhoda (Zachary) Anthony and Tom Cisne.

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