Sablotny does more than floors

By: Alexia Helmer

Taking a drive down Morton Avenue here in Jacksonville, you’ll notice all sorts of different businesses that color both sides of the road. Many of them are new businesses that have carried their names and merchandise from towns to cities all across the United States. Some, however, are local businesses that have made their start in Jacksonville and have stayed in Jacksonville, remaining loyal to the place they’ve always called home. Sablotny Floors is one such business.

After opening his store in 1988, HB Sablotny has learned that the key to keeping his doors open is listening to his customers and keeping an eye on the way Jacksonville has changed over time. “Making a living being a paint store only was going to be very difficult. I had some flooring background … and so that’s kind of how we started evolving,” Sablotny shared with me as showed me around the new shop setup.

The store which sold paint and wallpaper for some time during its younger years has, over time, evolved from “a paint store that sold flooring” into “a flooring store that sold a little bit of paint,” as Sablotny described it, and he is ever expanding his business.

Nowadays, if you go into Sablotny Floors, you’ll notice that they’ve added a new member to the family – custom cabinets. “Jacksonville really did not have, in my opinion, somebody who was dedicated and who was willing to specialize and take the time to become really good at designing kitchen cabinets … and everything that goes along with it,” Sablotny explained.

Keeping in tune with the times and the energy within central Illinois, Sablotny decided to partner with Bridgewood Custom Cabinetry to bring custom cabinets to the Jacksonville area. “With Bridgewood, and working with us, customers around here are going to get full design help and assistance in designing their kitchens and baths, and they’ll have all the options available,” Sablotny commented on his new relationship with Bridgewood. “It’s integrated very well with our business because … we are constantly working with customers on flooring covering selections and on their cabinet selections and putting it all together for them. Flooring, cabinets, countertops, and then along with some of the paint we still sell … it goes hand in hand.”

The heart of Sablotny Floors is in Jacksonville, but they’ve also had business with customers in towns around the area. His focus to keep his store up-to-date with current trends has stemmed from his desire to keep customers thinking locally and allowing them to have a store in close proximity to help them with their building needs. “If you have a kitchen or bath that you’re needing help with … you don’t have to go to Springfield or St. Louis or Chicago to get some help and design assistance,” he said as he told me about the new offerings and showroom that Sablotny Floors now has to offer. “We just want the customers to know that Sablotny Floors is still here, we’re still selling lots of floors, a little bit of paint, but we’re really excited about the cabinet business. I think for Jacksonville, and the Jacksonville area, we’re going to fill a need that is here.”

For more information about what Sablotny Floors has to offer, call 217-245-1571, or stop by their location at 1685 West Morton Ave. to check out their new showroom.

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