Smile! It’s their birthday!

Smile! It’s their birthday!

by Eric A. Thomas

Being successful at what you do is a great feeling. To know that what you are doing puts a smile on a customer’s face and has for 20 years is priceless!

One Day Denture, located at 1201 West Walnut in Jacksonville, has been helping people put that smile back on for two decades. Appropriately enough, word of mouth has been their best form of advertising.

Their dedicated staff has longevity and is committed to what they do. For the last 15 years, the team of skilled denture technicians has been guided by Dr. John Ronan who brings 35 years of experience in dental work. One of the dental assistants, Julia Howard, has been with the business for 20 years. Counting previous experience Joel DuPre brings 40 years to the profession and his wife Kellie brings 26 years. Other lab technicians at One Day Denture are Ryan Dobson with 11 years and Justin Dobson with seven years of experience.

They offer many services to their customers including patient extractions, immediate dentures and partials, all available within one day. The patient must have an appointment. Other dentists do refer their patients to them for work as well. One Day Denture usually stays at least three months booked out on appointments and most of their clientele comes from three to five hours away; staying in local lodging while their initial work is accomplished.

Typical appointments begin at 8 a.m. where the doctor will take impressions before the extraction work. The patient comes back mid-afternoon to receive their dentures. Over the course of the next three to four months as the patient heals, they can have unlimited adjustments.

In addition to one-day service, they do offer seven to 10-day service for cosmetic dentures or Deluxe Dentures. These come with wax try-ins and the patient can choose their look and features. This service can involve two to three office visits. Cast-metal partials are available in two to four weeks.

Pricing is kept lower than other dentists because they have an in-house dental lab. All services and prices are explained on their website: They accept cash, Mastercard, and Visa at the time of service. No personal checks accepted. For a fee of $20, the staff at One Day Dental can even fill out insurance forms to submit to get reimbursement for the patient.

Photo/Kyla Hurt

Pictured (back row, left to right) are Ryan Dobson, Justin Dobson and Dr. John Ronan. Rachel Tranbarger, Julia Howard, Kellie DuPre and Joel DuPre II make up the front row (left to right).

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