The Source Sprint Car

The Source Sprint Car

The Source Sprint Car cruised by Jacksonville High School (JHS) last week to meet with students and staff.

Besides the opportunity of sitting behind the wheel of the sprint car, students learned about the mechanics and electronics of the vehicle and met the sprint car team.

Sprint car owner Kerry McCombs, a native of Australia, says the racing vehicle runs on a V6 engine instead of a V8. “We had a vehicle just like this win the track championship in Charleston, South Carolina. We hope that win brings enough attention in the Midwest to start a driving school and a V6 division.”

According to McCombs, the V6 engine vehicles, which currently compete in the open sprint car division against V8 cars, have the potential of being extremely because they handle better, are more reliable, cheaper and need less maintenance.

This is the second time JHS senior Collin Bertram has interacted with McCombs, the first being when McCombs donated a Camaro to the school’s auto class. Bertram, who has experience working on racing vehicles with his family, “loved seeing the cars and hopes to have a future as a racing mechanic.”

JHS Power Mechanics Teacher Chad Suhre says his students are always grateful when McCombs stops by with a new car. “The kids gained some insight today from the passionate people that make the racing industry great.”

Suhre estimates he saw 100 students a day in his department last semester in classes like small engines, intro to auto and auto services. “Not many schools around the area offer the auto opportunities that JHS does. This industry is desperately lacking qualified technicians, so it’s a great sign that so many students in Jacksonville are taking an interest.”

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