Technology for all ages

Technology for all ages

Mary Fox says her husband Merle “twisted her arm” to convince her to take the Introduction to Microcomputers class at Lincoln Land Community College-Jacksonville.

Merle had taken the class and believed Mary would also benefit from it. She wasn’t so sure. Now she is much more comfortable with computers and is able to communicate with her children and grandchildren who live in another state.

“The Introduction to Microcomputers class is great for anyone beginning to learn about computers and technology, and it especially appeals to total beginners and senior citizens,” said instructor Greg Simpson.  “Students learn the basics of Windows but also get a broad look at how we use computers, tablets and smartphones in our everyday lives.  Perhaps just as important is that students can relate to others who, like themselves, are trying to find their place in today’s tech world.”

In class, Simpson also addresses topics such as how to upload photos from a camera, using printers and scanners, and how to find online bargains and free programs and websites.

Students of all ages are enrolled in the Introduction to Microcomputers class, and it is also a great refresher course.  “I took a basic computer class in 1995, so I knew a little about computers,” said student Linda Hutton.  “In this class I have learned about many shortcuts that save time. The instructor says there are no dumb questions, and he explains the material so everyone understands.  I have found the free websites he recommends to be very helpful.  This is the fourth class I have taken, and I drive here from Meredosia.”

Introduction to Microcomputers is an eight-week course that runs Jan. 17-March 7.  Another session runs March 21-May 9. Full semester (16-week) computer classes offered at LLCC-Jacksonville include Computer Applications and Concepts, Word Processing, Excel (spreadsheets), Access (database) and Presentation Graphics and Email. There is no tuition charge for students 65 and older.

“I am really enjoying the perks of being a senior in Jacksonville,“ said Mary Karsgaard,  who just finished her second class at LLCC since turning 65. She has registered for another class that begins this month.  “The courses are one of the best bargains in the area for seniors seeking higher education. The class syllabus is designed around the needs and learning interests of the students. The instructor understands that computers are a new language for many students.”

Photo caption: Photo/Courtesy of Lincoln Land Community College

LLCC-Jacksonville computer students Elmo Orton, Mary Karsgaard, Merle Fox, Mary Fox and Linda Hutton.

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