That covers it

That covers it

by Eric A Thomas

There are many projects around the home that people attempt every day. Some are easy and some are hard. It’s not easy cutting corners, literally and figuratively, when it comes to laying tile.

Todd McKeever, owner of McKeever Tile, has been working with tile since 1981. He began as a helper for a tile mechanic. Back then, many aspects of the building trades were considered specialized. Those who installed tile did nothing but that. As a helper, McKeever would haul tile from the truck to the work area, make cuts, mix mortar and grout and kept the job site clean; all the while observing and learning from the tile mechanic.

The first tile mechanic he worked for was in Atlanta, Georgia. He then moved to Illinois where he worked for someone in Macomb followed by someone in Springfield. The third mechanic he worked for saw that he knew more than the basics and started letting him do installations.

McKeever started doing solo projects in 1989. He did his first tile installation job here in Jacksonville in 1990 and relocated here in December 1992.

McKeever Tile offers a full-spectrum service of tile installations, from the basic floor install, backsplashes and countertops to the custom work of building a walk-in shower with a tile base. Additionally, he offers another specialty with installation of polished stone such as granite and marble. The tiles McKeever Tile uses vary. He works with ceramic tile, quarry tile, porcelain tile, handmade Mexican tiles, granite and marble as well as glass, metal, travertine, coral and limestone.

“There are different installation techniques which depend on the material that is used. Using the wrong technique will result in an installation failure,” commented McKeever “Using the proper mixing ratios of the different mortars is also key to a successful project.” When looking for someone to install tile in your home or business, McKeever encourages getting references on the person and photos of past jobs. Materials can be very expensive and should only be trusted with someone who has the experience to provide a successful installation. To perform for years to come, the installation not only needs to look good but needs to be very sound.

Not all tile works in every situation. “You want to make sure that the person you are hiring to do this job is knowledgeable,” concluded McKeever “Make sure your tile mechanic knows what is best for your specific application and always make sure the work is guaranteed.”

Todd McKeever would be glad to talk to you about your tile needs. To take advantage of his decades of training and experience call him at 217-883-9301 to make your appointment.

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