The best of both worlds

The best of both worlds

By Rachel Curry

Sally Briggs Stock of Briggs Appraisal Associates has loved being an appraiser throughout the years for her family business. Her father, the late Wayne Briggs, started the business in downtown Jacksonville in 1996.

Following in her father’s footsteps is something Sally Briggs Stock continues to enjoy. Her father, the late Wayne Briggs, opened Briggs Appraisal Associates in downtown Jacksonville at 207 W. State in 1996. Stock’s mother, Judy Briggs, encouraged her to become an appraiser since Stock and her father were so much alike. Stock became a state certified general real estate appraiser because of her dad, and was able to work with him 22 years before he passed away.

“He loved it, and most days I love it. It’s something you get into by accident or family,” Stock said.

Stock took over the family business along with her business partner, state certified general real estate appraiser Paul Reither, upon her father’s passing in 2008. “We’ve worked together over 20 years at Briggs Appraisal Associates,” she said. Her sister, Jill Roegge, is the current office manager.

Briggs Appraisal Associates appraises agricultural property, industrial and commerical property throughout the middle third of Illinois. If, for example, the state is in need of buying personal property to build a road, Briggs Appraisal Associates is just the place to go. Stock would access the land to determine the worth. If the property owner agrees with Stock’s accessment, then the sale is finalized. However, if the property owner does not agree with Stock’s findings, then the owner hires his or her own appraiser and the respective sides go to court. “We do a lot of emiment domain work,” Stock said.

Currently there are not many commercial appraisers due to the requirements needed to become one. Stock said in order to appraise commerical property, newcomers to the field have to appraise through a business that is already certified for commerical appraisals.

When it comes to enjoying what she does for a living, Briggs likes the variety of work her job offers, including doing research for sales and the flexible work hours. “I work on something today, and something different next week,” she said.

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to being an appraiser. “I haven’t got in trouble, and that is the main thing,” Stock said. It is also important for appraisers to be reasonable and pay attention to the real estate market.

Originally from Virginia, Stock has always been a familiar face in central Illinois. Stock likes being able to call the area home. “People are very friendly and willing to help you if you need help,” she added.

Stock earned her bachelor’s degree at Illinois College to become an appraiser in 1986. Afterwards, Stock took specialized appraisal courses through the Appraisal Institute. Various universities serve as a host for the Appraisal Institute so students can take courses. Stock traveled to Colorado, North Carolina, Indiana and St. Louis to attend classes. She became state certified in 1992.

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