The Marathon Man

The Marathon Man

The Marathon Man

for David Pigg 

There are those who touch our lives
Without ever laying a hand on us,
Perhaps without saying a word to us.

If I believed in angels I’d wonder
If they were the guardians
In our midst,
The ones, who even while dying, can 
Save our lives, our very souls, from 
A swirling world of doom
Flashing from our flat screens, 
Our touch screens, our lonely divide.
The ones like David
Speaking softly
Bearing the weight of this world for us
With an earnest smile, a smile
Remarkably earnest, considering
He once won an ancient contest
On foot, this man reduced to catching
His breath just walking from the car 
To the coffee shop, and yet a man 

Not reduced at all, considering
The wall he hit this time was unlike any
He’d encountered before. For he kept on
Going, kept moving through it, brick-by-brick,
Until he reached the finish in a personal best,
Leaving the rest of us in his dust.

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