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The Jacksonville Propkickers hosted a “Fly-In” on April 23, 2016, out at the Propkickers Field located at the corner of South Lincoln and Lincoln Avenues. For those who were proficient flyers, they added the field’s coordinates, 39.692150º – 90.248108º, as way of directing.

It was a full day of flying radio-controlled model airplanes. However, don’t take the word “model” as literal and end-all to describing these planes; there were a variety of aircraft at the event, with costs from as little as just over $100 to as high as $30,000 plus for some of the professional larger planes. These included a 50 percent scale turbine-powered Glider and a turbine-powered F86, both flown by World Class Pilot Ali Machinchy who works for Horizon Hobbies and is from Monticello, Ill. (see photo 01.Hurt.jpg). The day hosted the first turbine jet ever to be flown at Propkickers Field.

It was a day of soaring, gliding and zipping across the sky. Two attendees were especially wowed by the radio-controlled planes in action. Cruz and Sage Brogdon, 5 and 3 respectively, came with their mom, Rebecca Brogdon to watch the “Fly-In” and were quite impressed by the model airplanes (see photo 0.Hurt.jpg). The day presented one plane being carried back in a few pieces (see photo 02.Hurt.jpg), but otherwise, the event was some high-flying fun.

For information on other happening with the Jacksonville Propkickers, please contact Roger Russell at rogerrussell@irtc.net.

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