Uplifting sign at Calvary Cemetery

Uplifting sign at Calvary Cemetery

by Kyla Hurt

A new sign has been raised and the signposts have been set in cement out at Calvary Cemetery in Jacksonville. The Our Saviour/Calvary Cemetery Board was present for the erection of the sign; many even jumped in to help dig the holes to the specific depth needed so that the uncovered part of the sign’s legs would be buried.

Around the area selected for the new sign, the board members held various discussions while awaiting a next turn to dig. The morning took longer than planned as many large roots were discovered while digging the holes. In the hot morning sun, however, the group remained cheery, noting that if they’d chosen one of the other spots in contention for placement of the sign, everyone would at least be in shade.

The sign reads:

“Calvary Cemetery

The cemetery grave sites are laid out by blocks (1-33) East to West and sections (1-8) North to South as shown. To find a grave site locate the numbered block then follow it down to the numbered section. Example: block 28 section 3”

“Chad and Lorratta Myers of Myers Signs responsible for design, creation and installation of the new sign, which, by the way, they donated,” said Tim Ritzo, Calvary Cemetery Board member and cemetery manager.

The board explained that people had been having a difficult time finding a loved one or someone long gone within the cemetery, and this sign will explain how to maneuver amid the graves and stones. “They can also find plots out here now that they can buy,” added Ken Zumbahlen, Calvary Cemetery Board member. Contact the Our Saviour Parish office at 217-245-6184 for information, with questions related to stones or military markers, or for inquiries into a burial plot.

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