Voting at Lincoln Land Community College

Voting at Lincoln Land Community College

by Anna Anderson

This semester, there’s a lot going on at Lincoln Land Community College (LLCC) to prepare for the upcoming election. From September 13 through 23, the Jacksonville campus will be registering anyone willing to vote. Any person over the age of 18 wanting to register should bring two forms of ID, one of which includes their current address (examples would include a driver’s license, a piece of mail, passport, etc.). Voting is a great way to exercise your right as an American citizen – and registering is the first step of that process.

Also happening this semester, students in Dr. Chris McDonald’s politics class are learning how to create their own election predictions. Students get to choose what sort of variables they will use to calculate their projections – using even the smallest details down to the weather forecast on Election Day – and they must explain how and why these could impact the results. McDonald explains, “The purpose of the assignment is to teach the students the many different things that have an impact on electoral outcomes, and therefore [understanding] the difficulty of making predictions. Also, more importantly – [the purpose of the assignment is to understand] the importance of logic, reasoning and evidence in making arguments.” This project is helping students not only become informed on the candidates, but also the processes and details that quietly influence the election. Classes like McDonald’s encourage young voters and help create the lifelong habit of taking part in our country’s politics.

Voting is important in every election, and especially in the upcoming presidential race. Morgan County Clerk Jill Waggener explained the process as our tax dollars being put to work. It’s important to remember that elections are expensive, so it only makes sense to exercise your right as a citizen to let your voice be heard.

You can register to vote not only this week, but anytime at the Morgan County Clerk’s office in the Jacksonville courthouse – the grace period for registration begins October 12 through November 8. There are also three convenient ways to vote: through an absentee (mail) ballot beginning September 29 through the November 8 (requires application beforehand), and early voters also cast their vote through these dates. On November 8, polls will be open to the public 6 a.m. through 7 p.m. The county clerk’s office is always answering questions over the phone at 217-243-8581.

Don’t forget to register before it’s too late!

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