Winchester 10-year-old spreads the Good News

Winchester 10-year-old spreads the Good News

by Eric A. Thomas

To say life has taken a temporary change would be an understatement. We are doing so many things differently for the time being and many are stepping up to fill a void. A local 10-year-old uses Facebook to do his part.

The first week that church was canceled, James Kerr Ballard, son of Wes and Lori Ballard of Winchester, noticed his friend Cole Howard, the 18-year-old son of Greg and Julie Howard and Senior at Winchester High School, leading worship on Facebook and that inspired Ballard to get involved.

“When they canceled our church services, I felt like a lot of kids would be missing our Sunday School lessons and kids church,” said Kerr. “So, I asked my mom if I could do a lesson for kids on her Facebook Page.” On March 22, young Mr. Ballard’s career as a Sunday School teacher and Kids Church instructor began.

Ballard’s mother helped him find cool science experiments online. He would then take those experiments and relate them to Bible lessons.

“My favorite part of doing these lessons has been getting a chance to teach other kids about Jesus,” said Ballard.

His lessons included a science trick using a half-full glass of water. The empty part of the glass represented God and the part with water represented the problems of the world. The trick was to seal the glass off with a card and flip it over.

Another lesson taught about temptation using a water balloon, a mason jar and fire. During the week leading up to Easter he taught from the Bible, sharing the significance of Palm Sunday; telling us not to be like Judas; the Last Supper; Peter’s denial; Jesus goes before Pontius Pilate and the trial; the Crucifixion; and the Resurrection.

After the quarantine when everyone can get back to church, he is planning on leaving the teaching to those he has learned well from, his mom and his pastor.

“I actually teach his age range in Sunday School! I was touched he wanted to make sure the others could continue learning even while apart,” said his mother, Lori.

“Shawn Hughes, our pastor at Manchester Baptist Church, puts great effort into ministry with the children; disciplining them to lead and share the Gospel with others.” Sounds like, in this time of need, the examples surrounding Ballard have inspired him to do what he could.

Ballard is in the fourth grade at Winchester Elementary. He enjoys helping his dad in his dad’s business; riding and driving rangers; playing basketball and playing tag with his friends.

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