Your 15 Minutes: JoDell Paul

Wow. I came here when I was little. 
I bought my first bicycle here. 
It looks just the way I remember it. 
It’s common for customers to visit Village Cyclery and be temporarily transported back to their
childhoods. The South Jacksonville based business started 53 years ago and has been selling and
servicing bicycles ever since. Generations of local families have visited the shop over the years, greeted
by a member of the Gotschall family. Children return to the shop as adults to buy their child’s first bike
and find JoDell or Jordy behind the counter, ready to help.
JoDell (Gotschall) Paul grew up with Village Cyclery. Her father, John, opened the shop in his garage the
year she was born. The family enjoyed bicycling together and JoDell remembers being active in the
Jacksonville Bicycle Club during its heyday in the 1970s. A high school injury to her slowed down her
bicycling, but not her commitment to the family business.
Village Cyclery focuses primarily on recreational bikes. They provide a great selection for children,
commuters, and individuals who enjoy exploring local bike paths. The focus is really on people “who
want to get out and ride recreationally,” JoDell says. The shop can also order bikes for customers,
including road bikes.
JoDell began formally working at the family shop when she graduated from high school. She recalls
looking at her options and deciding, “This is what I want to do.” Since that time, JoDell has helped with
sales, inventory, and the addition of their sharpening service. The sharpening service is a great addition
to their business in the wintertime and they sharpen carpenter tools, as well as yard tools.
Joining the family business appealed to JoDell, who works alongside her brother Jordy every day and is a
lifelong resident of South Jacksonville. She enjoys the days when her father pops in and helps around
the shop. Being a part of a “homegrown, family business” is important to JoDell. “It gives me a little
pride to know that my dad’s passion over the years is something that I can keep going.” Family business
are fading from communities these days, she explains, and “It’s nice to be a part of one.”
Bowling is JoDell’s favorite past time, a hobby she shares with Charlie, her husband of 28 years. JoDell
began bowling in the 1980s when some friends invited her to be a substitute on their team. She
eventually joined the team and “it just took off from there.”
Each Tuesday, she bowls with the Don’s Place team, sponsored by the local restaurant. Team members
have changed over the years, but it’s remained a fun way to build friendships. With 12 teams
participating each week, JoDell says it’s a great way to “relax, get out, and meet people.”
JoDell is a member of the Board of Directors for the Jacksonville Women’s Bowling Association (JWBA).
The JWBA meets several times a year, with a goal of “keeping the sport of bowling alive locally.” The
organization is currently preparing for the city bowling tournament. They also travel to state and
national women’s tournaments. JoDell and Charlie are also part of the Elk’s Bowling Association. They enjoy traveling to state and
national tournaments together, as well as attending meetings. Bowling provides a great venue for the
couple to enjoy a common pastime together.
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