Are You Creative?

Are you a creative person? I think everyone has some creative genes, it’s just that some people use these genes

differently or not at all. Did you know that being creative is connected to good health? In my research for all things healthy, I discovered the name of a doctor who believes and uses her creative intuitions with modern medicine in treating the dynamics behind disease.

There was a study done. You know studies are done on everything. In fact, my husband heard on one of his AG programs that a study was done on why there was a drought in California. The fact is, that the drought was caused because there was no rain! Wasn’t that a useful study? I would have never guessed.  The study that I am referring to, regarding our creativity, has proven that it has a dramatic effect on the well being of patients with chronic medical conditions. These medical studies have been done over two decades and have shown that there is measurable improvement in the health of the body when patients participate in meaningful activities. One study alone found that asthma patients and rheumatoid arthritis patients, showed noticeable improvements in their disease activity after writing about stressful life events.

I know my writing about health and diets is not about “stressful” life events, but it does make me feel good both physically and mentally.

When you allow emotional energy to flow through a creative outlet, you heal. It’s as basic as that. The very act of creating allows health to flow. Now there isn’t any one creative activity that is any better than another for bringing you to a healthy body.

Here are a few ways to combine creativity and health:

  1. Write a blog. Maintaining a blog is a consistent way of creating. If you don’t like the idea of writing a blog, just write in a journal your daily activities and thoughts. Be detailed and descriptive. You might be surprised when you re-read it later and discover all you’ve done. You might even want to try your hand at  poetry.
  2. Keep a dream journal. When you wake up grab your journal and enter images, emotions and adventures that have been in your dreams. Now I don’t know what dreams mean but there is a book for that.
  3. Paint- and I don’t mean walls. This does not need to be intimidating. There are all kinds of  paints, methods and styles of painting. This could be as simple as finger paint on newspaper, which you just throw away when you are done, or exploring other mediums and styles of painting. Be brave and go for it.
  4. Take photos. Just pick a day to carry your camera  with you to record snapshots of your daily life. At the end of the day delete them. Just enjoy the experience not the results. This you could pursue with classes on-line or elsewhere. Do some self portraits to discover you!
  5. 5. Move! We have discussed this in prior columns, so you know the drill. And you know the proven results  of walking, dancing, moving! Pick your pleasure!
  6. 6. Use your voice. Just using your breath and voice is a great way to get health and healing flowing. My  husband will agree that I do use my voice a lot. Sing in the car, join the church choir, whistle as you do your chores.
    The great thing about being creative is you can’t do it wrong. Whatever you do is a powerful medium to express your own personal creativity. So let’s start letting our own personality come out. You may discover a talent you didn’t know you had and you will have a lot of fun. But best of all – you will feel great!

Talk soon!


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