Arenzville Village Hall hosts Memorial Day Open House

By Kyla Hurt

Village Hall in Arenzville has been newly renovated, and to welcome all for a visit to the updated space, they are hosting a Memorial Day Open House. Located at 201 E. Main St. in Arenzville, the Village Hall’s Open House on Monday, May 30, “will start at 9 a.m. and run through the afternoon,” according to Arenzville Village Hall Clerk/Treasurer Lori Ring. Refreshments will be served.

Ring explains about the changes, “We have totally remodeled the inside of the Village Hall. It’s kind of set up to like a museum type. We have taken a lot of old pictures and hung them. We have a memorial for all the Veterans here in Arenzville. Anybody that when they had listed or placed Arenzville as their residence … Molly Daniel has a website that she had listed everybody, so I took all the pictures she had and have dated a copy. We have a cabinet now that’s full of pictures. If I don’t have pictures, I have name plaques. We’ve got a lot of memorabilia that I got from Molly about the killed in action MIA soldiers. We have numerous, numerous pictures taken back in the early 1900s, late 1800s from Arenzville. We have one room that’s dedicated nothing but to the burgoo — pictures from the burgoo, different things from the burgoo that’s in that room. We have a wall that’s just school pictures from the 1900s.”

There are even videos of Veterans that Daniel had recorded, which Ring says they will try to have playing so that visitors to Arenzville Village Hall can hear their stories that day. Daniel’s website is

Additionally, the American Legion will hold their annual Flag Ceremony. Ring says they start at 9 a.m. at the East Cemetery. Following a ceremony there, they proceed to the North Cemetery for a ceremony and then end with another at Saint Peters Cemetery, all in Arenzville.

Ring suggests attending the ceremony and then stopping by Village Hall if convenient. “We would just like to have people come here and look through,” notes Ring. For questions or to inquire about rental of the hall, call 217-997-5563.

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