Bradbury brothers

Bradbury brothers

The Kiwanis Club of Jacksonville recently pulled “a fast one” on Bradbury brothers, Ken and Keith with the presentation of the annual Lay Person of the Year Award. The award is given to two people each spring, one inside the club and one outside the club the live a spiritual life. The award committee asked each Bradbury brother to write the nomination for the other brother. When the awards were given the brothers were shocked and amused to find out they had each participated in the others’ award. The nominations read as follows:

Keith Bradbury (as written by Ken)

There’s a special light that enters the eyes of the children at First Presbyterian when they hear that Keith Bradbury will be doing the children’s sermon. It’s not often that you see Sesame Street puppets poking their heads out over the choir loft and commenting on the service. Whether serving on church committees, helping his son build fishing docks at Green Pastures Christian Camp, or serving as both a deacon and elder in his church, Keith has put the legs on his faith and been an exemplar of doing Christ’s work in our community. Sometimes his ministry has taken unusual forms as when he donned an Egyptian king’s costume to raise money for kids to go to camp as he appeared in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Keith is also a frequent stand-in for the minister at First Presbyterian delivering the sermon, often in the form of a dramatic monologue.

Since he was 21 Keith has been involved in Masonic work which draws its inspiration from the faith of Old Testament heroes. Using the metaphor as the mason as being a worker for God, Keith epitomizes that ethic in his membership and work in a host of charitable organizations. In other words, he’s a living witness. 

Ken Bradbury (as written by Keith)

Ken is known throughout the area for various talents and gifts. Not the least of which is his devotion to his faith.

The most far reaching of his efforts has been through the founding and the continued operation of Green Pasture Preforming Arts Camp. For more than 35 years thousands of young people 5th through 12th grade have had the opportunity to create or improve their skills in the various arts while participating in this camp. But more importantly the camps overriding theme is to help each camper grow in their faith in God and to recognize His contribution to each of those skills or gifts.

Ken is the author of several books. One of which is Coonridge Devotions. This book has been used by many groups and individuals for support in times of need.

Ken has been organist for the Arenzville Methodist Church longer than anyone can remember, which is quite an accomplishment for a Presbyterian. His music ministry has taken him to all parts of these Central United States where he has left congregations entertained and blessed with his upbeat attitude and message.

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