Creative community contributions … from a financial fraternity?

Creative community contributions … from a financial fraternity?

Written by Anna Ferraro

Matching challenges for community fundraisers. Bank accounts and rewards programs for kids. Free Lifeline screenings. Involving members in wholesome local events and activities. Investing funds back into the community. Sound like your typical financial fraternity perks? Not really. That’s because Modern Woodmen is not your typical financial fraternity. They’re all about relationships.

Joe Nance, a managing partner for Modern Woodmen loves this organization for that reason. Since joining them a little over two years ago, he shares, “I’ve just developed a passion for it. The company is so unique – the fact that we do some of the financial planning that other companies would do, but you have all this extra that goes along with it.”

While Modern Woodmen provides its members with the services and information to build the right financial plan, its vision really is more about relationships. As Nance said, “we want to improve the quality of life, and impact.”

As Nance has grown in his role as a managing partner, he’s developed a vision to “get some money back into the Jacksonville community” – the community that he and his family call home. Being a member of Kiwanis and the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, Nance says, “I try and keep my ears open for who’s in need, and then figure out where the funds could be most useful.”

For example, the Modern Woodmen chapter in Jacksonville has supported many worthy local causes including offering a matching challenge for Passavant Area Hospital’s Duck Race, donating trees to a Presbyterian daycare, contributing to the “Answer the Call” benefit for the family of Scot Fitzgerald”- and more.

These past opportunities serve to enlarge Nance’s vision for new ways that Modern Woodmen can give back to Jacksonville. For examples, other Modern Woodmen chapters across the state have educational programs for K-8th grade, and youth programs to get kids more involved in their communities (note: membership and membership benefits are not just for adults, they’re for kids, too!). As Nance works, his goal is to continue building relationships and growing the Jacksonville chapter, explaining, “the more members we get involved, the more funds we can put back into Jacksonville.” Funds for the community, not just stockholders. Funds for families, not just the fraternity. Because at the end of the day, for Nance and the other employees of Modern Woodmen, it’s all about relationships.

To learn more about Joe Nance and how Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial can benefit you and/or your family, contact him through the information provided below:

Phone: 217-204-1725




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