Daily dose of goodness

Daily dose of goodness

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There’s a simple act of kindness set up at the end of a driveway in South Jacksonville. Dawn and Walter Reinhardt have a cooler set up and labeled with signs encouraging police officers to grab free water from the cooler. Walter Reinhardt figures that he and his wife set out the cooler first on Tuesday, July 17. Their plans at the time were to leave to cooler out daily, especially with our recent heat wave. “Looking through all the crap they’re (police officers) going through in the county, I figure they need a break,” said Reinhardt. “This is something we need to do.” Agreed. There needs to be more good in the world … good in our actions …. good in our attitudes … good in how we start off the day. Reinhardt added that the cooler is self-serve for the officers; they can just come up and get what they want. It just so happens, too, that the Reinhardts’ neighbor is the chief of the South Jacksonville fire department, so he mentioned that they have an ice machine at the station and asked if the SJFD could donate ice to the cooler to keep the water cold. Good can start small. Good grows. Allow good to be contagious.

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