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As the school year approaches teachers looking for resources can find many websites and videos through University of Illinois Extension.  What follows is a brief description of just of few of these sites.

Earthquakes, volcanoes and glaciers are all powerful forces that work to shape our world. These forces have changed the world dramatically over time and are even at work today.  The website Shake, Rattle and Slide  http://urbanext.illinois.edu/earth/  allows students and teachers in 4th through 6th grades to explore the amazing science behind earthquakes, volcanoes and glaciers. Animations provide visual learning opportunities, and activities can be done in and out of the classroom 

The All-Star River Explorers  http://urbanext.illinois.edu/rivers/ is designed to introduce students in 4th-6th  grades  to the basics of hydrology and increase their understanding of how rivers are formed and their importance in our lives. Activities will enhance student’s skills in math, science, language arts, social studies, and art. A popular river trivia game provides a fun way for students to learn. 

The Treehouse Weather Kids http://urbanext.illinois.edu/treehouse/  is designed for teachers and students in the 5th – 8th grades. It provides basic information on weather topics such as winds, moisture, air pressure, seasons, and storms. Activities have been provided that are appropriate for classroom settings.

Riding the Wind with Kalani  http://urbanext.illinois.edu/kalani/ is designed for students in K-3 grades to gain knowledge about the weather.  The site provides information on temperature, clouds, precipitation, lightning, thunder, and tornadoes. The student section of this site is designed for young readers to go through each screen and read the words or listen to the narrative. Animations have been provided to enhance the learning of weather processes.  A story, Billy the Air Bubble and His Friends in the Air, is meant to be read to students. There are various coloring pages that accompany the story. 

All of these sites are also available in Spanish, while Riding the Winds with Kalani is available in several other languages.

In addition, there are a series of You Tube videos that discuss weather processes such as why winds blow, how clouds form, how the earth is heated, and the greenhouse effect.  Most of the videos are 2 to 3 minutes in length, and can be accessed at:


Other science sites can be accessed through the Schools Online section of the main University of Illinois Extension website http://web.extension.illinois.edu/state/index.cfm

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