Why do you need a building permit?

By Brian Nyberg

Why do you need a building permit? Building permits are mainly about safety. By enforcing construction standards, they give you the best chance to avoid fire, structural failure, or something as simple as a child getting his head caught between stair posts.

• The first reason to obtain a building permit is that it’s illegal not to, but there are plenty of positive reasons for the permit process as well.

• A building permit requires that a contractor use sound and safe methods and materials. Inspections assure you that they do so.

• If you do a project yourself, you’re not likely to know the code and ordinances for your project. If you don’t apply for a permit and your project is in violation, you may be required to make the project compliant.

• Building done without a permit can mean that your insurance company may not honor your policy for damage or injury.

• Work done without a permit may hinder the sale of your home due to Property Disclosure requirements at the time of sale.

• You get peace of mind knowing the job is being done properly and compliant with city codes. Permit fees start as low as $15, a small price to pay for peace of mind.

There is no cost to call our office to determine if you even need a permit.

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