Silver Sneakers Members Can Now Be YMCA Members!

The Bob Freesen YMCA is now a part of SilverSneakers Program! Bring in your SilverSneakers card today and start a healthy fitness lifestyle at the YMCA! Your Silver Sneakers membership gets you a general membership to the YMCA and you can take advantage of all its basic land fitness classes, spinning classes, weight rooms, exercise equipment, water fitness classes and the swimming pool!

The Healthways Silver Sneakers® Fitness Program is the nation’s leading exercise program for older adults (65+). Like the YMCA, SilverSneakers is more than just a gym membership. Participants are offered exercise classes, health education and social programs that have been shown to help older adults maintain good health, reduce health care costs and lead an active, independent lifestyle. SilverSneakers also provides opportunities to:

  • expand your social network and strengthen friendships
  • increase your mental sharpness
  • take part in social activities and wellness seminars

All you need to do is bring your insurance card with proof of SilverSneakers membership to the front desk and the friendly staff will help you get registered as a YMCA member. Then each time you enter, log into the YMCA keypad, and go do the exercise that you want.

You can join a yoga class, take an aqua fitness class, jog on a treadmill, swim laps, walk the one-mile walking trail, go to a spinning class and so much more! Remember, if you have specific health limitations, always let your instructor know ahead. They can help you modify any workout to meet your needs.

Once you are a member you can also join us for Senior Potluck on the fourth Wednesday of every month (the exceptions are: November it is the third Wednesday and in December, with all the activities everywhere, there is no potluck.) Come, bring a dish and join the fun and camaraderie.

More than 1 million members nationwide already enjoy SilverSneakers. Join them today and bring your SilverSneakers card and/or health plan ID to the front desk, and our friendly staff will help you enroll! The YMCA looks forward to all the SilverSneakers members coming to its facility! Call the front desk with any questions, 217-245-2141.

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  1. Muffy Clarkson

    I’ll be joining Humana’s Silver Sneakers program starting 1/1/2023. Can i attend the Plainfield, Il. Avery YMCA with that Silver Sneakers membership?

  2. Muriel Murphy

    Good afternoon do you have any other classes or locations in the Evergreen park area???

  3. Suzanne R. Abbitt

    I am 65 and still working. I have Part A Medicare and my company’s Blue Cross Blue Shield. Can I join Silver Sneakers and how much does it cost? I am interested in joining the YMCA in my area.

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