Nearing 150 Years of Service

Nearing 150 Years of Service

The Board of Directors is the policy-making authority for the governance of Passavant Area Hospital.

The Board is comprised of 16 members, each serving a four-year term. Directors are elected by the Board of Governors, which is comprised of representatives from 139 churches in the Passavant service area.

The Board of Directors meets every other month on the third Monday at the hospital. Following is a list of the current members of the Passavant Area Hospital Board of Directors and their years of service:
Doug Awe 3, Reginald Benton, Vice-Chair, 10, Keith Bradbury 14, Ginny Fanning 14, Barbara Farley, PhD, 1, Eric Giebelhausen, MD, 16, Donald Headen 10, James Hinchen, MD, 6, Gilbert Joehl 14, Phyllis Lape, PhD, 14, Greg Lepper, Chair, 10, Steve Lillpop, MD, 15, Gary Scott, Secretary, 4, Kelly Staake 7, Nancy Spangenberg 7, Thomas Veith, Treasurer, 4.

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