Prairie Center Against Sexual Assault

Prairie Center Against Sexual Assault began in 1975, when a dedicated cadre of Springfield women organized to create a rape crisis center in Springfield, Illinois. These women recognized that rape law and the treatment of raped women by society was fundamentally unjust and victim blaming. They established a grass roots organization with 24-hour crisis hotline and named it The Rape Information and Counseling Service (RICS). As awareness of sexual assault grew, so did the need for services for victims. Today RICS is known as the Prairie Center Against Sexual Assault. We are the fourth largest rape crisis center in Illinois serving eleven counties. Prairie Center maintains an office in Jacksonville and in Springfield. Our mission today is the same today as it was in 1975: alleviate the suffering of sexual assault victims, prevent sexual violence, and promote social justice for women and children. Women, and children and men may be victims of sexual violence. Prairie Centers provides emergency room response, legal advocacy and counseling for sexual assault survivors. Prairie Center campaigns to change attitudes about the causes and consequences of sexual violence. We advocate for victim rights in the law enforcement and criminal justice systems. Our school based prevention education programs focus on reducing the likelihood of sexual victimization, particularly in the lives of children and adolescents.

Testimonial: “The services PCASA provide are vital to the survivors of sexual assault. PCASA provides medical and legal advocacy and counseling and at no charge. Many survivors do not report their assault and PCASA is the only place survivors have to deal with trauma.” – Sexual Assault Survivor

For more information about our mission and services, go to

PCASA 24 hr Rape Crisis Hotline – 217-753-8081

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