The Nursery School

The Nursery School

The Nursery School, established in 1974, offers a part time developmentally appropriate preschool curriculum that focuses on the growth and development of the whole child. We strive to prepare each child intellectually, emotionally and socially for future learning experiences. We offer a hands-on, play based curriculum to children two through five years of age.
Unique to our program is our two-year-old class that gives children the chance to gain important socialization skills needed for future learning growth. Our Alternative Five program, also unique to the community, is specifically designed for children that are in need of an extra year to prepare for kindergarten. The children in this class are given the chance to grow, emotionally, socially and academically to help ensure their success both in kindergarten as well as future learning experiences.
As a United Way Agency we are able to offer a Scholarship program that allows us to foster diversity in our classrooms and allows children to participate in our well-established preschool program that may not otherwise be able to afford it.

Community Need: Quality preschool programming that focuses on the whole child, building social skills as well as intellectual skills in preparation for kindergarten and future learning experiences.

Program Goal: Our goal is to help children grow into confident and eager learners prepared for future experiences in educational life.

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