The state of the community

The state of the community

Wednesday night provided the opportunity for community leaders Mayor Andy Ezard, Village President Gordan Jumper and Morgan County Commissioner Brad Zeller to share with their constituents the state of the community at the League of Women Voters Annual Meeting.

Morgan County

  • The courthouse had an 8.5 million dollar budget for 2013-2014 (running September 1, 2013 – August 31, 2014)
  • $2.3 million is projected for public safety including wages for the sheriff, deputies, jailers and probation officer.
  • $1 million for retirement benefits
  • $500 thousand toward social security
  • $700 thousand for health insurance
  • The number of county employees has decreased significantly over the past few years,  through retirement, indicating the county’s ability to maintain solid service with fewer employees.
  • $385,000 bequest from Philip Howard estate for the sole purpose of remodeling/construction at animal control.
  • $578,000 Lynville Lane road and bridge replacement project.
  •  72 bridges inspected and only two need further inspection to determine needed repairs.
  • FutureGen 2.0 and Morgan County officials continue to work together to ensure this 1.65 billion dollar projects happens in Morgan County.

City of Jacksonville

  • Passavant Area Hospital Campus changes and new building
  • Plaza Grand Prix
  • Watershed improvements
  • Nichols Park Pavilion improvement
  • Lake Mauvaisterre Dredging Project underway
  • Boat Races at Lake Jacksonville
  • $18 million dollars in new construction

Village of South Jacksonville

  • Bartlett Grain completed and opened a 30 million dollar grain facility
  • New intersection at Comfort Drive and South Main Street, funded by a Department of Transportation Grant.
  • First Christian Church moved into their $4 million dollar, 42,000 square foot home on South Main.
  • A New police station was built, using 1600 volunteer hours from nearly 50 people.
  • FutureGen 2.0 is an important part of the continued growth of our entire community
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