A spot for your selfie

A spot for your selfie

Iconic Instagrammable landmark installed downtown

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The Jacksonville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) is delighted to announce a dynamic collaboration with the City to unveil an iconic and “Instagrammable” landmark in the heart of our historic downtown district.

Aimed at celebrating Jacksonville’s rich history and vibrancy, this interactive installation promises to be a magnet for both locals and tourists alike.

The visually captivating structure, standing at over 8 feet tall, represents a silhouette of the state of Illinois. Embedded within this magnificent cutout is the city’s distinct social icon, complemented by the prominently displayed hashtag – #JacksonvilleIL. This monument serves not just as an aesthetic marvel but as an emblem of Jacksonville’s commitment to contemporary urban revitalization while paying homage to its heritage.

Brittny Henry, executive director of the Jacksonville CVB, remarked, “This initiative underscores the synergy between the CVB and the City. We believe in reimagining Jacksonville while staying rooted to our legacy. This Instagrammable spot is a testament to that belief.”

City of Jacksonville Mayor Andy Ezard commented, “We are thrilled to create such a space where residents and visitors can create and share their Jacksonville stories. This project shows our commitment to keep moving forward while also remembering the heart of who we are, reflecting the essence of Jacksonville.”

Positioned to be the newest hotspot, the installation invites all to capture and share their moments, fostering a digital connection that will further promote Jacksonville’s unique blend of historic charm and modern allure.

The CVB and the City extend an invitation to the Jacksonville community and beyond to visit, snap, and share their experiences at this novel landmark, located on the corner of Main and College. Whether you’re a Jacksonville native or a first-time visitor, this backdrop promises a memory worth capturing.

For more details about the launch event and other related activities, visit jacksonvilleil.org or follow us on Instagram @Jacksonvillearecvb.

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